Located in North Providence, The Neighbor’s Kitchen & Bar (formerly Parma Bar & Grille) stepped up to reach members in their community battling food insecurity.

While the co-owners have been operating throughout state-mandated restrictions, they have had to significantly reduce their staff size and I have been working hard to figure out a way to get their team back to work.


Located in Cranston, Thirsty Beaver Pub is the latest RI restaurant stepping up to give back to their community.

While it has been challenging to navigate the new protocols and make sure the teams are staying safe, it hasn’t stopped them from putting their best foot forward and providing great food to their customers.


Located in Warwick, Iggy’s joins the fight to tackle food insecurity in RI.

“If it were not for our dedicated staff, we would not have made it through this pandemic. They worked tirelessly to uphold Iggy’s standards while also keeping themselves, and our guess safe.” When it’s full-service restaurant closed down for two and a half months, Iggy’s reallocated most staff positions to its two Chowder House locations (Warwick and Narragansett). Thankfully, these two locations stayed open, but the team had to reinvent their brand and shift focus on new ways to serve their community.


Located in West Warwick, Gel’s Kitchen is no stranger to reaching deep within the community to ensure its neighbors are taken care of. But when indoor dining closed on March 17, 2020, sales dropped by 70% and a breakfast place wasn’t positioned well for take-out.

That’s when owner, Angelica, expanded her hours, changed her menu, began offering re-heatable meals at lunch prices, started selling her home baked goods, AND turned her dining room into a workspace to make t-shirts that she would also sell to help supplement the lost revenue until she was able to reopen her doors.


No stranger to charitable giving, we welcome Blackie’s to our family! Located in Smithfield, owners Jeanine and Chef Angie told us they are “so happy to have the opportunity to give back to our community in such an organic way. Healthy, delicious meals should be available to everyone. Playing a small part to fight the battle with food insecurity means so much to the Blackie’s family.”


Plates with Purpose is always working to add more restaurants & communities to our program.

If you’re a restaurant owner interested in joining the fight against food insecurity in your community, send us a message.